What does a painter cost?

Once every five years you should paint or have your house painted. Not everyone is handy enough to do this themselves, or does not have enough time to do it themselves. You can hire a painter to have it done quickly and professionally, but what does it actually cost? A painter has learned a trade and will paint your house better than non-professionals. It can save you a lot of money by doing it yourself. Anyone can paint a large straight surface, but it is about clumsy parts of the house. Repair work must often also be carried out on the wooden frames. To prevent a frame from rotting completely, the starting wood rot must be professionally corrected. Many people also engage professionals because they do not want or dare to work on a ladder at a height of a few meters.

What does a painter cost?

As with all professionals, the price differences are large. The rates start at Ђ15 for non-professional painters that you can use via marketplace, for example. These are generally handymen who want to earn a living by performing a wide range of activities from gardening to painting. You can be lucky by bumping into a good quality handyman, but you can also have bad luck. The professionals charge rates that can run up to around Ђ45 per hour. In addition to the hourly rate, you must of course also pay for the paint and the like. It is important to keep track of the hours. You are advised to state on your departure day how many hours they have worked. If you do not do this, you must demonstrate afterwards over several days how many hours they have actually been active.

Fixed rate

Most painting companies take on jobs for a fixed amount. This has the advantage for the customer that you do not have to pay extra if the work is disappointing. This can happen, for example, if they encounter more wood rot than what they assumed. For the painting company it has the advantage that they can ensure that the job is done as quickly as possible and that they can continue to the next job. When drawing up a quote, it is wise to clearly state when it should be done. If you don't do that, the painter often chooses an urgent job over your job. Of course, delays due to bad weather conditions were not taken into account.

Lower sales tax

The government has temporarily reduced the VAT if you hire a painter. This arrangement applies in any case until 01-01-2011, this reduction may be extended afterwards. A condition for the lower VAT is that your house must be at least 15 years old. Normally the VAT is 19 percent, but if you meet the conditions then you only have to pay 6 percent. This arrangement also applies to rental properties, but most landlords must take care of the paintwork outside.

Maintenance contract

You can enter into maintenance contracts with certain organizations. You pay a fixed amount per month and they take care of the maintenance of the paintwork. They use professional painters to check your house every year and possibly paint it again. It can hardly be beneficial to put an extra link between you and the painter. The organizations that offer the maintenance contracts must also earn money. You can probably find a better deal with your own painter.
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