On the way to a new garden

Do you want to change a new garden or the existing garden? Then proceed according to a well thought out step-by-step plan. Provide a garden design or garden plan, orient yourself about the costs of construction and possibly hire a gardener for the implementation.

Your ideal garden

Of course it is first and foremost important that you try to determine how your ideal garden should look like. Do this based on an extensive wish list:
  • Do you want a lawn?
  • Do you like round or straight?
  • What do you think about gravel?
  • Do you have a lot of time for the garden?
  • Do you want borders by color.
  • Etc. etc.

But also:
  • What about privacy?
  • A hedge with the neighbors?
  • A back entrance?
  • Is there room for a pond or a garden house?

All factors that you or the designer of the garden plan must take into account. Put your light on at one of the many garden centers. They are ideally suited to discovering what you like and don't like. The many garden magazines and garden books can also help you with this.

The garden design

Of course you can own garden plan but you can also seek the help of a creative person designer or landscape architect. It is their daily work and they know like no other what they should pay attention to:
  • Is the terrace large enough?
  • Does the lines match the style of the house?
  • Does the pond get enough sunlight?
  • How does the garden appear deeper or wider?

Dozens of tricks of the trade, always designed differently and responsibly in a design.

Costs garden construction

Once you have the ideal garden plan for you, you will look at the costs. Sometimes a designer takes the available budget into account when designing. If you have devised your own garden plan, you can often already make a reliable cost estimate of the materials to be used.
If you want to outsource all or part of the work, you can contact one gardening company. A budget or quotation from a recognized gardener must always be specified clearly and neatly. You can view the costs of each individual part. A cheaper alternative may be sought for certain things. This may involve other material or the choice to do part of the work yourself.

Do it yourself or engage a gardener

If you are a dozelzelver, it is advisable to coordinate work order and orders well. Never proceed in a hurry and, if necessary, ask the professional for advice. When you have the work carried out in whole or in part, it is a matter of skilled gardening company who can follow the offer and the agreed planning. The construction and the planting plan, in combination with the soil conditions, are the most important. Even for a recognized gardener company, even the most complex situation should not cause any problems.

What can you expect from a good gardener?

A gardener is a green all-rounder. In the first place, he must be able to listen and present suitable solutions to problems or wishes. In addition to a creative design or varied planting plan, the gardener must be able to provide masonry, carpentry, paving, installation of electricity and irrigation, installation of drainage and good soil conditions. He must know everything about plants, food, crop protection, growing and pruning. In short, considerable professional knowledge is required. But the most important thing is perhaps openness and trust.
With good agreements, guarantee schemes, structured work and a gardener who listens well to the client, the construction becomes a party.

Even after construction, your garden requires attention

A garden is never finished, even if it is completely landscaped. The garden is a natural product and therefore always on the move. Keep soil and plants in good condition and ensure a good balance between the various plants. See which plants you have in the garden and whether you need to prune. A good gardener company is always willing to walk through the garden with you once or twice a year to see whether any measures need to be taken. With the right maintenance at the right time, your garden will become more and more beautiful and you will continue to enjoy.

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