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Visiting a museum with a child is very nice, but it must be a museum that appeals to children. You can visit the website of a museum to get an impression of what is being offered, but it is even more fun to read the reports of other children who have visited the museum. This is possible via the website If a child visits a museum himself, he or she can also leave a review on the site as a Museum inspector. You can also play fun games on the website and win points or museum treasures, there is also a DIY page on the site, here you will find all sorts of ideas for crafting.

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It is an online platform of the Museum Association. Children can come into contact with the museums in the Netherlands in a way that appeals to them. Museumkids is meant for children between the ages of six and twelve. Games can be played on the website that are related to museums in terms of subject matter. A child can read the inspection reports from other children but can also become a Museum Inspector and submit reports. Furthermore, you will find many craft tips on site that have been supplied by the various museums. Think of coloring pages, viewing boxes but also of recipes for stuffed cakes, for example. The basis of the platform is formed by the museum games of mijn TIKKIT (formerly and the competition for Museum inspectors that takes place every year ( With regard to the Museum inspectors section, the Museumverening has entered into a partnership with ANWB Explorers.

For what age is suitable and are there costs involved?

Museum Kids, Museum Inspectors and the Tikkit Games are suitable for children from the age of six. All games and activities are free on


On the website you can see at which museums you can get a (free) Tikkit sticker sheet, folding sheet, tattoo and building plate. Ask them at the counter of the museum.

How do you become a member of

Go with one of your parents to the website. If it is your first visit, click on register. Enter your email address, then you will see a screen where you still have to enter a few details: name and date of birth. After this data has been sent you will receive a confirmation email in your mailbox (save this email, you may need the link again). Click on the link in the email and you will arrive on your page.

The different parts on the website

  • Play games
  • To visit a museum
  • Inspect the museum
  • Craft the target page

Play games

Games that you can play on the website and with which you can earn points or museum treasures for your museum kids account: Tikkit Van Gogh, Dike Builder, Princess Dress-up, Beast Brewer, Beast Party, X-Power Buggy, Orbit !, Carriage Racer, Treasure- sailor, Treasure Shooting, Fire extinguisher, Heldenstrijd. You can also download some of these games as a free app for your tablet (Google Play Store and App store): Tikkit Van Gogh, SchatSchieten, Heldenstrijd, Beast Brewer. Via the website of you can also click on games that are placed on websites of different museums, with these games you can no earn points or museum treasures.
At the bottom of the screen you will find Games five categories, click on a category and you will see which games fall under it:
Power & Bling, Nature & Technology, the Netherlands Waterland, Knights and Castles, Golden Age.

Visiting museums

Here you will find an overview of what you can do in a certain museum now and later. You can also find inspection reports from other children and you can click through to the website of a museum that you are interested in.

Inspect the museum is always looking for Museum inspectors, the more inspections it becomes clearer which museums are attractive to children (the best kidsproof museum in the Netherlands). There are regular competitions, so you might also win a nice prize.

How do you become a Museum Inspector (2016)?

Download the app (search for Museum Inspectors) and use it on the iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device. That way you can inspect a museum anywhere and anytime. You have to fill in twelve short questions, you can upload photos and you can also search for a museum in the area via the app. You can check your status and collect votes.

Which questions do you have to answer as a Museum inspector?

  1. Would you like to go back to this museum again?
  2. What rating do you give this museum?
  3. What did you like best in the museum?
  4. Could you see everything well?
  5. Was it easy to find your way around the museum?
  6. Have you heard or done something that you didn't know yet?
  7. If you gave a talk about the museum at school, what would you do about it?
  8. Was there something special to do for children? If yes, enter a number.
  9. Could you find a toilet quickly?
  10. Were the people of the museum friendly?
  11. Was there a museum store?
  12. If you were a director of the museum for a day, what would you change?

The best Museum inspectors

You can be chosen as one of the best Museum inspectors, the rules can be found on the website. It is about inspections held in a certain time period, the best Museum inspector becomes an ambassador for a year, but cannot win again the following year.

When is a museum called kidsproof?

A museum is kid proof if it has at least 35 reports with the grade 7.5. The Museum Inspectors choose the Kidsproof Museum of the Netherlands through their inspection reports. There is one winner per province and one of them is the national winner.

Target page crafting

In this section you can find all kinds of craft notifications such as free coloring pictures, games for the home, building plates. Everything is made by museums in the Netherlands. Examples: coloring pages of the Zuiderzee Museum, Upcycling, coloring pages of Paleis Het Loo, sculpture garden show box, lovely recipe for filled cakes from the Bakery Museum, recipes from the Harbor Museum, learn how to make knots from the Harbor Museum, fish stick recipes, magic toll, make your own flag, E-cards Naturalis, coloring page Marines Museum, coloring pages Kröller-Müller Museum.

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