Hitler: ten interesting facts about the Führer

That Hitler was a mass murderer without equal is not news. But there are numerous anecdotes and facts about the highest authority in the Third Reich that hardly anyone knows. That is how Hitler invented the inflatable doll and was an avid advocate of animal rights. Under the impulse of the Führer, one of the most successful anti-smoking campaigns in history took place. But it was his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, a sarcastic joke by a Swedish politician. Although Nazi propaganda presented Hitler as a brave and virile leader, the dictator was afraid of cats and had only one testicle.

Interesting facts about Adolf Hitler

Hitler may not have been the most pleasant character in history, but there are still a lot of interesting facts to tell about him. Sometimes it is about striking facts that do not match his image. For example, in his younger years he was madly in love with a Jewish girl.
The Nazi propaganda was only too eager to display an image that did not always reflect the Führer's true personality. The leader of the Third Reich was portrayed as a heroic and fearless man, but was in reality scared and uncertain.

Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

No matter how ridiculous it may sound today: one of the candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939 was none other than ... Adolf Hitler. Hitler's candidacy was a misguided joke from E.G.C. Brandt, a Swedish member of parliament and a convinced anti-fascist. With this, Brandt mainly wanted to criticize the political debate in Sweden and the passive attitude of Europe towards emerging Nazi Germany. In his speech, Brandt cynically stated that "Hitler would soon bring peace to Europe and perhaps the whole world." The sarcasm of the politician was not well received by the general public and the newspapers massively made 'Brandt' wood from his cures. On 1 February 1939, he withdrew the nomination of the Fuehrer.

The Führer invented the inflatable dolls

Syphilis lived abundantly at the front. German troops got the disease from French prostitutes. In 1940, Reichsführer-SS called Heinrich Himmler "the whores the greatest danger to the troops." Hitler soon found a solution to this problem. He had Nazi scientists make life-size inflatable dolls and personally approved the design. They had blond hair and blue eyes. The dolls were foldable and easily fitted in the soldiers' backpacks. When the need was greatest, the soldier could now blow up his doll instead of visiting a prostitute.
The dolls never became popular. German soldiers feared being ridiculed by the enemy. Already in 1942 the regime stopped delivering inflatable dolls to the troops.

Hitler was in love with a Jewish girl

The first love of the Fuehrer was Stefanie Isak, a beautiful Jewish girl of sixteen. Adolf Hitler, then sixteen years herself, even wrote various love poems about her. He also let Stefanie stalk through his friends. Then they reported to him about her actions. Hitler was head over heels in love with the girl and in the four years that followed she became increasingly obsessed.
He never found the courage to talk to her. According to some historians, the future Führer even fantasized about kidnapping and suicide in order to escape the torment of unrequited love. Stefanie never knew that Adolf had a crush on her. It is striking that young Hitler saw no bones in a romance with a Jewish girl. His fiery anti-Semitism only emerged later.

Adolf the animal lover

Dog lover

Adolf HItler was a big dog lover. Already during the First World War he adopted a dog that had come running from the enemy trenches. When Foxl disappeared one day he was out of himself with anger and sorrow. In the 1920s, Hitler took a German shepherd dog, Prinz. Due to a lack of money, he was no longer able to support the animal and was forced to place it with someone else. But the dog escaped and returned to Hitler. Since then he has been deeply impressed by the loyalty of dogs. In 1941 he received the Blondi sheepdog from Martin Bormann as a gift. Blondi would stay with Hitler until the last minute and die with him in the bunker.


Hitler was also a convinced vegetarian. He was addicted to chocolate and ate almost a kilo of it a day, but he never ate meat. He ordained numerous laws to combat cruelty and abuse of animals. The rules for slaughtering and transporting animals became much stricter than ever before. From now on hunting was prohibited and animal testing was also curbed. Ironically, Jews would from now on replace the animals for the gruesome medical experiments in the camps of the Third Reich.

Hitler constantly escaped death

Almost drowned as a toddler

Without the help of a priest, Hitler was drowned at the age of four and history might have looked completely different. When the ice cracked under his feet, the priest jumped into the water to save little Adolf from the icy water and saved his life.

A British soldier saved his life

Hitler was wounded during the First World War. Suddenly he stood face to face with a British soldier. Although he had received clear orders to kill enemy soldiers, he decided at the last minute to save Hitler's life.
When Hitler accidentally saw a photo of the soldier in the newspaper years later, he cut out the article and saved it. Whether this personal experience played a role in Hitler's lifelong admiration for Britain is unclear. Once Hitler was in power, no fewer than forty-two assassination attempts were planned for him. They all failed.

The first anti-tobacco campaign

The first anti-tobacco campaign in modern history was an idea of ​​Hitler. The Nazis launched a large-scale campaign against smoking, which was now banned in public vehicles. Soldiers were given lectures to point out the dangers of smoking. The intimates of the Fuehrer received a gold watch as a gift if they swallowed the tobacco.
The taxes on tobacco products went up. At one point, taxes on tobacco even accounted for one-twelfth of the government's income.

Hitler smelled and let the wind blow constantly

When you spoke to the Fuehrer you better put a clothespin on your nose because he was constantly suffering from bad breath. On top of that, severe intestinal complaints and flatulence were added, reinforced and fueled by his favorite food: a daily portion of bean soup. Eventually his personal physician Theodor Morell found a way to alleviate the intestinal complaints. This started Hitler's blind faith in the doctor, who slowly but surely turned Hitler into a junkie. Every day he administered him dozens of medicines and drugs, including even cocaine.

Hitler never came to camps

Until today it is not clear what the Fuehrer knew about the practices in the camps. Some deniers of the Holocaust even claim that Hitler was not even aware of the existence of concentration camps. This is very unlikely, but the fact is that he has never visited a concentration camp. Neither have written documents from his hand been found in which Hitler mentions the camps.
Perhaps the cunning and boiled-up dictator was smart enough to keep his distance from the 'dirty work' and therefore he was careful not to put anything about the camps on paper. He only spoke to a few confidants about the concentration camps.
Another possibility is that Hitler was just afraid of putting one foot in a concentration camp. For example, it is known that the Fuehrer could not stand to see blood.

Adolf Hitler was a frightened man

Naturally, the Nazi propaganda led by Joseph Goebbels did its utmost to portray the Fuehrer as a brave, forceful leader. The reality was very different. During the First World War, Adolf Hitler had not been nearly as heroic as he wanted to show. He spent almost the entire war at a safe distance from the front.
Not only was Hitler afraid of blood, he was also an incorrigible hypochondriac with a constant fear of suffering from some kind of illness or condition. He loved dogs but, like other dictators such as Alexander the Great, Mussolini and Napoleon, he was also very afraid of cats.

The Führer only had one testicle

He had lost the other during injuries to the left thigh sustained in the First World War. Doctors confirmed this after the war, but as long as Hitler lived it was always a persistent rumor, the evidence of which was never made public. That Hitler only had one testicle would also explain his low libido and aversion to sex. Perhaps he was ashamed of his deviation.

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