Make beautiful curls yourself

An evening out with friends, an important appointment or a romantic date with your (future) partner: these are all moments where you want to look as good as possible. You may want beautiful curls in your hair at such a time. This can be done by using foam rollers, papillots, rubber bands, curling irons or even straighteners: there are countless possibilities. But which way works best for you? And how do you get the best result? By the way, how can you experiment with creating the perfect curls without having to spend hours working on them and having used liters of hair spray?

Foam rollers and papillots

This is the most hair-friendly method to put curls in the hair because little or no heat is used here. Before using the rollers or papillots, use a firming hair lather. Then wrap the rollers or papillots around the hair, starting at the bottom and turning the roller or papillot into the scalp. The amount of hair around the roller or papillot determines the size of the curl. It is best to leave the rollers or papillots on overnight, then you will get the best result with the most volume. Before you remove the rollers or papillots, spray some hair spray into the hair, which you can do again later - if the rollers or papillots have been removed. To prevent the hair from sticking and looking unnatural, it is best to use a hair spray with a micro-spray.
Normally the papillots are rolled horizontally into the hair, after which both ends are turned towards each other. This creates slightly more tangled curls with a varying stroke. A variant of this is that the papillots are twisted into the hair in the same way, but eventually come to hang down vertically because the papillots are only bent on one side - the top. The result is that you get beautiful pipe curls that fall straight down.

Heat rollers

Heat rollers are rollers that get warm, then turn into your hair where you leave them until they have cooled. Heat rollers can be used in different sizes and give beautiful, soft curls that often contain one or two strokes. You do this primarily to get more volume.

A curling iron or straightener

When using a curling iron or straightener, it is important that the hair must be protected from the heat. There are various 'heat protectors' on the market for this. The day after the curls you can use a hair mask to repair the damaged hair. The curling iron is used from bottom to top. Again, the size of the strand determines the degree of curl: if you want smaller curls, use small strands of hair, if you want a larger curl, use larger strands. Different types of curls can be made with a curling iron, for example curled points for a more playful look or long pipe curls for a classic look.
With a hair straightener you get started in a different way than when using a curling iron. This way you do not curl the lock of hair around the tang, but you move the tong around the lock. In doing so, you start as close to the scalp as possible, moving towards the tip of the hair with a circular motion. The hair straightener generally gives a more natural curl, but this requires a certain skill. Practice makes perfect!

Conical curling iron

A variant of the curling iron is the special cone-shaped or conical curling iron. These tongs start thick but get thinner. The result is that there is not only a natural result but also that the curl is tighter and is very different from a normal curling iron that is the same everywhere. If you want curls that last for several days, the conical curling iron is recommended.

General tip

Finally, regardless of the method you use for curling, it is important to always curl your face. You always turn a curling iron or straightener off the face. This makes the face more open and looks nicer. When curling inwards, or towards the face, a more closed face is created.

Video: How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron. Long Lasting (February 2020).

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