10 extreme and bizarre diets

Are you convinced that taking diet pills and drugs, starving yourself and working out for hours on end belong to the category of extreme and bizarre diets? Then you've probably never heard of the tapeworm diet, the bible diet, the Breatharianism diet, the wadding diet and all the other diets that we look at in this article.

The tapeworm diet

The tapeworm diet is just as dirty as the name suggests. For this extreme diet you have to get infected with a tapeworm and then you have to let the tapeworm grow in your body until it is mature. The diet is efficient because the tapeworm attaches itself to your intestines and extracts all nutrients from your food there. Supporters claim that you can easily lose several kilos per week with it. The diet is especially popular in America, but because it is illegal to import tapeworms into the United States, there is a massive travel to Mexico and Africa where there are special tapeworm nurseries where you can get infected. On these farms, the cows are deliberately contaminated with tapeworms so that their meat can later be used for human consumption.

The Bible Diet

The Bible diet takes the limited consumption of prohibited and indecent foods as a starting point. These include pork, bacon, ostrich, ham, sausage, emu, fish and seafood. Prayer is also central to this diet. The day must start and end with a prayer that is combined with special physical exercises. It is also recommended to pray whenever you get hungry. The main promoter of this diet is Jordan S. Rubin. He claims that thanks to this diet he has been able to overcome Crohn's disease. Jordan S. Rubin now has his own company, Garden of Life, which specializes in slimming products and nutritional supplements.

The burrito diet

A certain Justin Hall managed to lose more than 40 pounds by eating 1 burrito of jalapeños daily for three months. A burrito is a tortilla filled with beans and meat. Normally this Mexican dish is full of calories, but by eating only lettuce and fruit outside of a single burrito, the daily calorie intake is limited while you can still enjoy a treat.

The sleep diet

With this bizarre diet it comes down to sleeping a lot. The principle is simple: if you are not awake, you cannot eat either. The followers of this diet take heavy sleeping aids and sometimes sleep for several days at a time. The sleep diet was invented in the seventies.

It smelled diet

The smoke diet is the new craze of Hollywood. So becomes Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl rarely seen without a cigarette. Chain smoking reduces appetite and lighting a cigarette is one of the best ways to reduce a hunger attack. Chain smoking also requires a special diet: three to five cans of diet coke and one bag of peanuts per day.

The Breatharianism diet

With the breatharianism diet you are not allowed to eat anything. The functioning of the diet is based on the esoteric principle that the human body can only survive through sunlight and oxygen. A workshop in it Breatharian Institute of America easily costs 10,000 dollars, but you can also follow courses of 25 million dollars. According to founder Wiley Brooks, this investment is a necessity. Many supporters have already died while on this diet, according to Wiley because they did not have the necessary information.

The Fletcher diet

At the end of the twentieth century, Horace Fletcher devised a diet that quickly became wildly popular and turned Fletcher into a millionaire. His method is to look at every bite you put in your mouth at least 32 times while keeping your head bent. You then have to tilt your head backwards, whereby the contents of the mouth have to slide effortlessly into the throat. The parts that are harder to swallow must be spit out again, according to Horace Fletcher.

The cotton diet

This is one of the most extreme and bizarre diets that exists. With the cotton wool diet you have to immerse a ball of cotton wool in gelatin and then eat it. You will not have hunger afterwards.

The insect diet

Insects such as grasshoppers and beetles contain many proteins that inhibit appetite and cause you to lose fat instead of muscles. They are eaten almost daily in Eastern countries. Hollywood actress Angeline Jolie is one of the best known adepts of this bizarre diet. She is particularly fond of roaches and larvae of bees.

The sperm diet

We end this overview with the most extreme diet ever: the sperm diet. It was invented in 2002 by the American porn actress Kim Kelly. It Man Juice Diet lasts 30 days and consists exclusively of sperm, banana smoothies and broccolli. You should try to ingest three to six teaspoons of sperm a day. One ejaculation is approximately equal to 1 teaspoon (approximately 15 calories). According to Kim Kelly, sperm is ideal for losing weight thanks to the large amount of proteins it contains.

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