The healing power of Rye

Rye is widely eaten in Europe. In the Netherlands we know rye bread as a thick rye substance that has been cut into slices. In other countries, rye bread is a bread that is much more like organic wholemeal bread. Moreover, a lot of rye porridge and sourdough rye bread is eaten in, for example, the Scandinavian countries. When it comes to the number of rye eaten per capita, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in positions 3 to 6, after Poland and Russia. Although we don't know any rye porridge here, rye can simply be integrated into the Dutch menu. You can eat rye with the bread meal, soup and as evening snack. In addition, you can buy German bread that contains rye at many supermarket stores.


Nutritional value rye

As in many grains, the percentage of vitamins is not particularly high. The nutritional value mainly comes from the high fiber content, the large number of mineral types and the large number of phytonutrients. Of the latter category, there is no advice in the form of a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) prepared by the joint food authorities in this world. But for fibers and minerals there are RDA values. For manganese, 130% of the RDA is in rye. There is 60% of the RDA of fiber in rye. Of the amino acid tryptophan, 33% of the RDA is in rye bread. For magnesium, there is 28% in rye flour.

Rye and diabetes

Rye has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Rye has been studied a lot by Finnish scientists. These have discovered that rye works effectively against internal inflammations at the cell level. Rye helps with this against type 2 diabetes. Obesity is a major risk for diabetic patients. Rye has a lot of fibers, which offers benefits to the diabetic. Compared to cereal bread, you need less insulin with rye bread. Rye stimulates the production of insulin. Insulin resistance can even be fully or partially cured by emphasizing eating rye in the diet.

Rye is good for the intestines

There are several reasons why rye is good for the intestines. One is that there are many arabinoxylans in rye, fructans and beta-glucans. These promote digestion. Naturally, the fibers in rye are also good for smooth digestion. They prevent constipation. In addition, there are enzymes in rye that combat colon cancer and colon cancer. In general, rye is much more effective than other grains.
Dutch rye bread / Source: Algont, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Rye and obesity

Scientific research has shown that eating rye reduces body weight. They do not know exactly why, but the fibers play an important role in this. There seems to be a process going on during digestion that less energy is absorbed from rye than should in principle be possible. So you do not take excess sugars until you later turn them into body fats. Another factor is that rye gives a more satiating feeling than other grains. Research shows that someone who eats a substantial rye breakfast has a feeling of fullness for at least 8 hours so that there is less chance of overeating.

Rye and breast cancer

A known risk factor for getting breast cancer is the swallowing of artificial estrogens. It is known that those who take the contraceptive pill have twice as much risk of breast cancer than those who do not take the pill. The current state of science believes that natural estrogens also lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. Half of all estrogens are produced by the bile, among other things. Fiber reduces this production. The logical thinking mechanism would therefore say that fiber-rich food reduces the risk of breast cancer. But unfortunately it is not that easy. Scientists have not yet discovered a correlation between eating fiber and a reduced incidence of breast cancer.
Rye crispbread from Norway / Source: Cymydog Naakka, Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Rye bread in germany

Roggenmischbrot is eaten in Germany. That is a 'normal' sourdough bread and not a compact rye bread as we know it. Roggenmischbrot is a bread with a mix that contains 51% to 89% rye flour. Weizenmischbrot is bread that contains a majority of wheat flour and a minority of rye flour. There is 51% to 89% wheat flour in weizenmischbrot. A third species is mischbrot. That is a 50-50 mix of rye flour and wheat flour.

Eating tips rye

You can invest a slice of rye bread with butter and brie, aged cheese or young cheese. Next, cut the rye bread into eight pieces and create eight extremely healthy rye toasts in an instant. You can buy rye flour at organic stores. To make pancakes extra healthy you can add a quarter of rye flour through it. You can make a mix of regular flour and organic rye flour in your own flower storage pot so that wherever you use flour you automatically use the healthy properties of flour. If you want to use rye bread for medicinal reasons, it is a good idea to add a slice of rye bread to every meal, or to eat rye toasts in the evening. Rye bread is delicious with thick pea soup.

The on and off button of the genes

Scientists have been calling since the 1980s that 'everything comes through the genes', in the sense that many diseases are caused by genetic information in human genetic material. Diseases would pass from mother and father to daughter and son. In the first years of the new millennium, Finnish scientists from the University of Kuopio have discovered that the genes can be triggered by our diet. Stress, poor eating habits and an over-activation of the immune system can set the gene switch to 'on' and initiate the formation of a disease. People were checked by putting them on a diet. One group ate an oatmeal / potato / whole-grain bread diet for 12 weeks. The other group received a pasta / rye diet. Researchers found that 71 genes in the rye group were switched to 'off'. The other group had just put 62 genes in the 'on' position.

Other medicinal effects of rye

Rye bread is considered the most healthy as whole-grain bread for which you have to chew more than regular bread. Good chewing is healthy for the teeth, dentists believe that the more you have to chew on your food, the less plaque is left behind, making rye good to prevent cavities. Chewing keeps the gums healthy. Because whole grains are healthier than stripped flour as refined white bread, rye works well for overall health.

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