Highly sensitive and gifted

There seems to be a connection between highly sensitive and giftedness. Is this connection real and, if so, what should you take into account and how do you deal with your child if he or she is highly sensitive and gifted?

What is highly sensitive?

High sensitivity means that you notice things in your environment faster. This means that you are sensitive to external stimuli. For example, someone who is highly sensitive can notice it sooner when someone has problems or certain emotions. You can also be sensitive to loud noises or odors. Highly sensitive people can have an enormous world of experience and usually cannot handle large groups very well.

Is there a connection between highly sensitive and gifted?

There are many children who are highly gifted and at the same time also highly sensitive. This seems to be a connection. Scientific studies have already been done regularly. There are certainly children who are highly sensitive and gifted, but this always has to be the case. So you should not assume that all gifted children are highly sensitive and vice versa.

Gifted and highly sensitive?

Children who are gifted as well as highly sensitive are often very creative, have a social awareness. They also need a good atmosphere in the classroom and they are empathetic. Children who are gifted and highly sensitive can also have various problems. That way they can be quite anxious and insecure. Due to these problems, the children may have difficulty at school or with classmates. It is also possible that the child will be bullied or suffer from fear of failure. Many children who are gifted may feel that they are not well understood.

To test

If you have the idea that your child might be gifted and highly sensitive, you can have it tested. This is possible with a specialist. To find out if your child is gifted, an IQ test can be done. For highly sensitive people, a personality test can be chosen. On internet sites you also have a kind of self-testing. These can be a good indication, but it is not something you have to trust blindly. It is also important to talk well with your child so that you are better informed and know what is going on in your child's mind.

What now?

Does your child appear to be gifted and highly sensitive? Then good guidance is important. In any case you will always have to listen carefully to the child. Take him or her seriously and above all listen carefully. The child can also receive training so that he or she can function better at school and with friends and learns how to deal with the feelings that he or she has to deal with. There are also programs where your child can get to know other children who are also highly sensitive. These programs differ per region, so it is best to inquire about the possibilities.

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