Pregnancy: week 25 to 28

You will experience the 25th to 28th week of pregnancy as a period in which your belly suddenly starts to grow incredibly fast. On the one hand, the pregnancy seems to be taking so long now, but on the other hand, it is suddenly going very fast! You already arrived in week 28 in the last trimester!

Week 25

From this period it is possible for your baby to feel conscious. The sense of touch is fully developed. Furthermore, it is still growing very fast. He can no longer even swim loose in the amniotic fluid. It is still possible to change position. This way he can lie with his head up one day and down again the next.
Your partner could now hear the baby's heart through a toilet roll. This must be placed about 10 centimeters below the navel. You may have to move the toilet roll a few times to hear the heart. From the 25th week you will come to the midwife for a little more check-up. Previously this was every 4 weeks. From now on this will be every 3 weeks.

Week 26

26 weeks pregnant, the baby has been in your stomach for half a year! Another milestone in the 26th week is that the baby is now officially viable. If, due to circumstances, the baby is born, it has a chance of survival of 81%. However, the lungs have to mature even further, and the risk of infection is very high!
Around this period you can get a lot of hard stomachs. The muscles of the womb then contract, and your stomach feels hard and tense. Hard bellies can occur because you are too busy. When you notice that you are bothered by this, then take it a bit easier. You can also have some trouble with your ribs, because the baby kicks against this. This gives a fair feeling. You will also notice that you have to pee more often. The baby will be able to push hard against the bladder.

Week 27

The 27th week is the last week of the second trimester. The baby will now mainly gain weight. It will not go that fast anymore in length. The eyebrows and eyelashes are already completely formed. The color of the eyes is now gray blue. This will remain so for the time being, even until after birth. Unborn babies regularly have the hiccups, you can even feel this in your stomach.
You will notice that your energy decreases again around this time. You can feel tired and lifeless just like in the first trimester of pregnancy. You can also feel the need to be with your partner more, without other people around you.

Week 28

You are now in the third trimester of pregnancy! The child is already fully formed, and already looks like a newborn. The ratio of the body to the head now beat better than a few weeks ago. The baby has long been covered with a layer of down hair. This layer will disappear this week. The baby's skin is now covered with a layer of skin lubricant. This prevents the baby's skin from drying out.
The difference between a boy and a girl is now noticeable, because from this period a boy will be slightly heavier than a girl.

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