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Europa Kinderhulp organizes holidays for disadvantaged and vulnerable children. The children come from various European countries and are housed in various European countries. The vacations are held during the summer vacations. The foundation is looking for new holiday guests parents every year where the children can enjoy a carefree few weeks without having to pay for it. The children are offered a two-week vacation.

Holidays for disadvantaged children

Europe Child aid

Holiday aid for European children has its origins in the year 1960. In that year, 50 children from Latvia came to Amsterdam to celebrate a holiday there. Jan Ploeger was the initiator of the then one-off promotion. It was the start of the Europa Kinderhulp Foundation, which was founded in 1961. The number of children grows over the years and in 1963 100 children are invited to celebrate a holiday in the Netherlands. The number of children continued to grow strongly in the 1970s. In those years, a thousand children from Berlin and Hanover come to a Dutch host family. Catholic and Protestant children come from Ireland to recover from the religious disputes at home in the Netherlands. In those years the organization grows. The children come from the following countries, among others:
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Ukraine;
  • Austria;
  • Belgium;
  • The Netherlands.


Projects were also set up for years with children from:
  • Belarus;
  • Romania;
  • Bosnia;
  • Albania;
  • Kosovo.
Source: Europa Kinderhulp
Source: Europa Kinderhulp
Source: Europa Kinderhulp


Europa Kinderhulp is a volunteer organization. The Europa Kinderhulp Foundation is a charity organization that received the CBF quality mark in 2005. Since 1960, thousands of vulnerable and underprivileged children (more than 100,000) have been offered holidays that many consider to be unforgettable. Every year this is arranged for around a thousand children.
The holidays, which take place during the summer holidays, are for both boys and girls and Europe Child Aid does not look at religious, ethnic or social background.

Holiday guest family

Every year Europa Kinderhulp calls on people to register as a holiday guest family. A few children also stay in Ameland families on Ameland every year.
The host families where the organization accommodates children live in:
  • The Netherlands;
  • Belgium;
  • France.


For many children, the holiday offers a welcome break from a situation that is often dominated by survival. The children come from circumstances where poverty, relationship problems, troubled neighborhood due to disputes between population groups and lack of attention are the order of the day. A relaxing vacation with your own family is often a far from their bed show.


Europe Child Aid has divided the country into regions. Every province is a region with its own coordinators. In the province of Friesland, as in all provinces of the Netherlands, many volunteers are active who prepare the holidays in host families. These volunteers also recruit on Ameland and every year the island welcomes children who can enjoy the beach and the sea for a few weeks as carefree as possible.
Source: Europa Kinderhulp
Europe Child aid
Give a disadvantaged child the vacation of a lifetime
That is the call with which Europa Kinderhulp organizes the children's trips.


To be able to finance the work, the organization is always looking for donors. Employees and host families cooperate free of charge, but there are postage and telephone costs, travel costs, insurance costs and meeting costs. Europahulp works without a subsidy.

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