Beware of photo thieves!

Creating a watermark in your photos can be very important to prevent copying on the internet. There are various programs that can help with this and immediately make a correct format for placing photos on the internet. Protect your photos and photo thieves then have no chance. Posting a photo on the internet is fun for you (your own porpholio) and it gives the visitor a good idea of ​​what you want to show. Now photo thieves also think this is a good opportunity not to take photos themselves, but by copying a photo with a simple right mouse click, and then placing it again without a name of origin.

What can you do!

There are a few options including writing a text in your photo which does not make a photo more beautiful, and therefore not the most obvious. You can, however, use programs that can place a watermark in your photo, so that the image remains intact and a feature has been applied with data from the rightful owner. The following programs are suitable for combating theft, but are not free.
One of the cheapest that is also easy to use is called iwatermark. It has many options and it filters files by size, keyword and file format. It can create thumbnails which is useful with your own photo site. Iwatermark is also suitable for professional use because it can monitor a directory, it is immediately processed at the time of posting a photo. If a watermark is placed in a photo, iwatermark can also provide the photo with iptc information and also the name of the photographer.
  • Website:: //
  • Operating system: 95/98 / NT / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista / Mac Os
  • File formats input: bmp, jpg, psd and tiff
  • File formats output: bmp, jpg and tiff
AIS watermark pictures protector
Unfortunately, this program cannot be used with Windows Vista and cannot adjust the size of the photos. In contrast, the program can create an html gallery and send photos with watermark via e-mail.
  • Website: //
  • Operating system: 95/98 / NT / 2000 / Me / XP / 2003
  • File formats input: bmp, jpg, psd, tiff and gif
  • File formats output: bmp, jpg, tiff and gif


The advantage of these programs is that you can try it out for a few days / weeks / months, and in that way make a good choice. Success with marking photos by water (visual).

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