Nice gifts for a birthday

Birthdays are always fun with lots of family and friends, but some don't like it. But with a nice and unexpected gift you make a crushing impression. Below are nice birthday gift tips for women, tough men / women and gifts that will both benefit you.

Real women gifts

There are five nice gift tips for a woman, namely making chocolates, a day ticket for Therme, a sculpture course, a perfume workshop and a workshop in which you learn to make yourself professional.
  • Making chocolates: We women are not only good at eating bonbons, but we can also learn how to make bonbons. At a chocolate making workshop you can determine the taste, size and type of chocolate yourself. At the end you not only know how you can surprise your friends with an original homemade bonbon, but you can also take your made bonbons with you including the recipes.
  • A day ticket for a Therme: this is not a nice gift idea for 1 woman, but mainly to do with multiple women at the same time. Nice and relaxed and chatting. Perhaps another massage, steam bath. After a day out with friends to the Therme and you feel good again.
  • A sculpting course: for this course they often use soapstone, because this is a soft piece of stone, which can be polished beautifully shiny. So if you accidentally go wrong or if you change your mind, you can still change it. And everyone has an artist, small or large.
  • Workshop making perfume: these workshops last about 3 hours in which you learn everything about scents. Which combinations are tasty and which combinations are definitely not 'to smell'. Which ingredients would you choose? At the end you get the perfume home, just test what the rest thinks.
  • Make-up course: during this workshop you learn to make up yourself in a professional manner. At the end of this course you will know how to apply a foundation, how to fade eyeshadows, which colors suit you and which lipstick you should absolutely not wear.

Real tough men (or women) gifts

There are seven gift tips for tough men and women, namely blokarting on the beach, gliding, paragliding, quad biking, motorcycling, slip courses and riding on the circuit.
  • Blokarting: this is about the same as sailing over the beach. It is an event for fans of wind and speed. A speed of 60 km per hour can be achieved.
  • Gliding: you have probably seen them in the air, white and silently through the sky. This gift can be given from mid-April to around the beginning of October, because then the wind is the most favorable. Moreover, it is best to go in the spring or summer, because of the view. Sometimes afterwards (after about 15 minutes of flying) one gets a nice souvenir in the form of a baptismal certificate.
  • Paragliding: with an experienced pilot you can do a duo flight from the ground. So all you have to do is walk a few steps during the start and end of the flight. So there is no scary gliding dive of an aircraft.
  • Quad biking: this event can take place in a marl cave. It is often a trail of approximately 8-10 kilometers. A quad is a kind of motorized go-kart. The same event can also be performed on a bike.
  • Motorcycling: everyone can experience the thrill of motorcycling, because with a motor experience day everyone can drive, even if you don't have a motorbike license. In a part of the day you have the basic driving skills of motorcycling under control.
  • Slip course: if your car threatens to get into a slip, a huge blast of adrenaline goes through your body. On a normal motorway it is not pleasant if this happens, but on a non-slip course there is nothing better if you know how to keep the car under control. It is not only fun, but also educational for a slippery rainy day.
  • The ultimate (also somewhat pricey) gift is racing on the Zandvoort circuit. But this expensive gift consists of 10 cool parts: driving a Porsche 911, BMW 130i, a formula car, 4x4 off-road vehicle, quads, riding with an experienced driver, a karting competition, ice-driving, and you can also drive your own car on the circuit being driven.

Gifts that will benefit both of you

  • Also for two people there are nice original gifts, namely horseback riding on the beach, a cruise for a nice city, erotic dining, learning to dance the tango or a course in partner massage.
  • Horse riding takes about another half an hour. People cross the beach in a relaxed manner, but there is also a run-on run.
  • A cruise through a city can be done in many different cities: Utrecht, Haarlem, Amsterdam, etc. Most cruises are supplemented by a dinner, lunch or tasty snacks.
  • The tango is one of the most sensual dances and fun to learn together. This course lasts approximately one hour.
  • An erotic dinner is a daring dinner, eroticism has been implemented creatively in the dinner.
  • And finally the partner massage course, in this course they learn the right massage techniques so that your partner can enjoy a relaxing massage. It is of course not just about the techniques, but also about the feeling that people put into them.

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