Tour through Europe - From Emmen to Tyrol

Europe is a continent with beautiful regions, impressive views, majestic mountains and lovely valleys. You get to know all that when you drive through it. A tip for a special holiday is a camper or car tour through Europe. During our Tour through Europe we drove from the Netherlands through Germany, to Austria and Italy. Our tour went around Switzerland. The first stage is from Emmen to Tyrol in Austria. Surprisingly, the Netherlands appears to be connected in various ways to different locations along the route. You will find orange in both Germany and Tyrol.

Around Europe

With the camper on vacation

A great way to see Europe is to make a tour with a camper. Bed, living room and kitchen are on board and you can drive from camping to motorhome. Emmen is close to the border with Germany and the city turned out to be a great base for ours Tour of Europe. An alternative is to go by car past guest houses and hotels. The route remains the same.

Our Tour through Europe starts in Emmen

Emmen in Drenthe is best known for the Noorder Dierenpark Emmen, since 2016 Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. The place owes its nickname Butterfly city because of the famous butterfly garden in the animal park. Meppen is just across the border in Germany. Our route from Rondje Europa passes by. The tour of 348 km goes through the Ruhr area and ends in Diez.


Diez is a small city in Germany, not far from Frankfurt. It lies in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate on the River Lahn, which winds its way through the landscape. Near Diez is Slot Oranienstein, a castle of the House Oranje-Nassau. The campsite for the first night is also called Oranienstein. Diez is also written as Dietz. There is a thick line between the Nassau's, which also includes the Dutch royal family, and Diez. The county in which the city is located was in the hands of the Nassau in the Middle Ages. Ernst Casimir van Nassau, nephew of Willem van Oranje, inherited Diez and became count of Nassau-Diez in the early 17th century.


King Stadholder William III, the Prince of Orange, and descendant of William of Orange, died childless in 1702. Johan Willem Friso of Nassau-Dietz then became his heir and the branches of Nassau-Dietz and Oranje-Nassau came together. The title count or countess of Dietz is still used by the descendants of Johan Willem Friso in the House Oranje-Nassau. King Willem-Alexander is Count of Dietz.


From Diez, the journey continues via Frankfurt, which is almost 80 kilometers to the east. You are approaching the city by the many airplanes hovering in the sky, looking for a landing place at one of the largest airports in Europe. It is number four London Heathrow Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. These airports receive slightly more passengers than Frankfurt. Heathrow sees almost 80 million travelers annually and in Frankfurt nearly 65 million people pass through the gates (2017). Paris and Amsterdam are in between. The next destination in our Tour of Europe is Würzburg, 122 km to the east of Frankfurt.
Diez / Source: Einfach-Eve, Pixabay
Würzburg / Source: Mobasoft24, Pixabay
Tirol / Source: Jeanet de Jong


Würzburg is located in the center of Germany, in the state of Bavaria, on the River Main. It is a large city, with more than 126,000 inhabitants (end of 2016). The city is best known for the famous physicist Wilhelm Röntgen (1845 - 1923) who discovered the X-ray radiation. In 1901 he was the first to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics. Röntgen's mother was from Amsterdam. The laboratory can be viewed in Würzburg. The city also has one Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Center.

Würzburg residence

The Würzburg Residence is located in Würzburg. The complex has been on the World Heritage List since 1981, together with the courtyards, hofkerk and the residences square. The Residence of Würzburg is the former bishop's palace that has rococo and baroque elements in its architecture. Two Prince Bishops of Schönborn commissioned the construction. Timbering and bricklaying took place from 1720 to 1744 under the leadership of various architects. The architect was Johann Balthasar Neumann. In the building you can see a number of ceilings that were painted by the Venetian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The monumental stairwell with the dome above it has the largest fresco in the world. Tiepolo painted it. Napoleon Bonaparte stayed there and he thought it was the most beautiful parsonage in Europe.


The route goes further south and 400 kilometers below Würzburg lies the Lechtal, the catchment area of ​​the Lech. At 60 kilometers, it is one of the longest valleys in Tyrol. The water of the river is wonderfully mint green. This part of Europe is a winter sports area and Lech is best known as the winter sports resort of the Dutch royal family.

Continuation of our Tour through Europe

We continue our Tour through Europe via Northern Italy, France, past Geneva and the Swiss border upwards and via the German highway back to the Dutch border to end in Emmen. It is a tour through Europe around Switzerland.

Tour of Europe

a. Emmen
B. Diez
C.. Frankfurt
D. Wьrzburg
E. Lechtal

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