Cadiz is an old city on the harbor in the south of Spain

Cadiz is located in the south of Spain. This city is historically important and is seen as the oldest port city in Europe. The location of Cadiz is very strategic. It is nice to visit this city and to wander through the narrow streets. The archaeological museum is very interesting. A visit to the fish market cannot be missed. There are nice terraces and with a bit of luck the flamenco will be danced for you on the terrace.

Location of Cadiz in the south of Spain

Cadiz is a port city strategically located on a protruding point by the sea. The headland is 9 km. long and only 1 km wide. It is therefore easy to make a circular walk on both sides via the boulevard. The city was founded by the Phoenicians. Whoever enters the port of Cadiz in the early morning hours with a cruise ship will immediately see the city on the hill. Via the old city gate the Puertas de Tierra you walk to the historic center. The province in which this city is located is also called Cadiz. About 140,000 people live in this city, but the exact number is not well known. Many people come here to hibernate and are therefore not permanent residents. Yet they are often registered with the municipality to be allowed to use a number of facilities.

History of the city

Cadiz was founded by Hercules around 1100 BC. according to ancient legend. The Phoenicians called the city of Gadir. According to scientists, this is the oldest city in Europe. Then the Carthaginians settled here, who conquered large parts of southern Spain from here. Then Cadiz came into the hands of the Romans. Julius Caesar came here a few times. In the time of the Moors, the city fell into disrepair and actually became a fishing village. After the Reconquista, a trade route arose with the north and with Africa. Columbus departed from this city for his second trip to America. His fourth journey was also started from Cadiz. There was a monopoly on trade with America that originally returned to Seville but later to Cadiz. These were years of great flowering. They opposed Napoleon in 1810, but power gradually disappeared. Important to mention is the fact that here the first constitution of Spain was signed in 1812. Hereby the sovereignty of the people was established. In 1840 the shipbuilding industry started. Franco stationed his troops here at this strategic point in 1936. Cadiz is now a port city where, in addition to cargo ships, large cruise ships can moor. There is mainly income from tourism because from here one can easily visit other cities in Andalusia such as Seville and Jerez de la Frontera.


Worth seeing is:
  • The Archaeological museum
  • The Nueva Cathedral
  • The Vieja Cathedral
  • Torre de Tavira
  • Covered market

Archaeological museum

A visit to the museum requires a considerable amount of time. Pay close attention to the opening times as they vary per day. This museum contains many works by great masters such as El Greco, Goya but also by Rubens. Here we see the old utensils that teach us how people used to live. The Phoenician sarcophagus in the shape of a human form is very beautiful.
The Nueva Cathedral
In Cadiz you can also admire a beautiful cathedral, the construction of which took more than a hundred years. This allows you to discover multiple building styles. Both baroque and neoclassical style.

The Vieja Cathedral

This cathedral was a mosque during the occupation of the Moors. Anyone who is attentive can discover that there are both Christian and Moorish influences in the domes.

Torre de Tavira

In the middle of the city we see the Torre de Tavira and here is also the Hospital de Mujeres. It is possible to take a look at the patio that is beautifully tiled.


Definitely worth a visit is the covered market. The fish department actually sells all types of fish caught here from the sea and many of them are unknown to us. Young sharks are also sold here.
Anyone who sits down on a terrace on Plaza de España after a visit to the city will be able to experience with a bit of luck that the Flamenco is danced here spontaneously. It is very lively on the square and entire families enjoy the good Spanish life and dance. In the evening it seems as if the entire city is going outside for a little walk. It is pleasantly busy and many stores remain open for a long time. In short, the city is definitely worth a visit.

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