Clothing when playing squash

Do you want to start with the sport squash? Are you going to play squash with school or work at an association in your area? In both cases you need the right clothes. Often you don't have to buy much for this yourself. Most accessories and clothing are often already in the house. However, if you are going to play squash on a regular basis, it is advisable to purchase a number of items of clothing. What do you actually wear when you play squash? With which shoes can you enter a squash court? Why do many squashers wear sweatbands and headbands during the sport?


Squash is a sport that you usually practice with someone else. Of course it is also possible to train on your own or with several people at the same time. However, official matches are always played with two or four people. The two-person form is the most played form and is also recommended if you are not very familiar with the sport. It is often difficult enough not to get in the way of one person. This is especially difficult if there are a total of four people on the squash court. A rally starts with a storage or service. Then you take turns taking the ball back into the field through the front wall. If the ball bounces more than once, you lose the point. You then start again with a storage. In addition, there are dozens of rules during squash. If you are just starting out with the game, or if you are going to play with your school class for the first time, it is useful to first read these rules carefully. That way you avoid a lot of discussion on the job.

Sport shirt

A shirt that is worn during squash is preferably of high quality and consists of breathable and supple fabrics. You will sweat a lot during squashing. A normal of cotton, for example, is therefore less suitable for playing. Shirts made of soft and elastic materials that are specially made to absorb sweat quickly are therefore preferred. You should think of the polyester fabric, for example.

Running shorts

A common mistake with beginners is playing in long sweatpants. This might just be appropriate when you start a warm-up, but less once you start playing a game on the squash court. The sport is very intensive and strenuous. You quickly get very hot during a game of squash. Even if, for example, you are going to play squash with school or your work once, it is a shorts advisable. Also choose a fabric that breathes and absorbs sweat.

Sports socks

Sports socks are recommended on the squash court. Ankle socks or other thinner socks do not offer the correct support. With these socks you slip more often into the shoes and more often you have to deal with nasty injuries. Opt for somewhat thicker sport socks. However, you must always keep the 'feeling' with the squash court. Too thick sport socks are therefore less suitable. Therefore, test a number of special sport socks for yourself in your squash shoes.

Squash shoe

You may never enter a squash court with shoes that you have walked outside with or that have the wrong color of the sole. Dark soles are strictly forbidden on the track in most cases. Normal sports shoes that you use in the gym are suitable if you do not play squash intensively and once. However, if you want to exercise regularly, then investing in special squash shoes is worth it. These offer the right ankle support and have the right cushioning. If you wear a good squash shoe, you will be less often confronted with annoying injuries.

Straps against sweating

If you take a look at a squash club you will see many people playing with a headband or sweatband. Some people think this looks crazy. However, these types of straps are very useful if you are going to play squash intensively. You sweat a lot, if you practice the sport well and seriously. In between rallies you can quickly make your forehead and hands sweat free. This prevents the racket from flying out of your hand or that your view is obstructed by sweat entering the eyes.

How many clothes do you have to buy?

Are you going to play squash with school or work once? Then don't buy a lot of clothes. Make sure you have normal athletic shoes, a good athletic shirt and shorts. If you want to play more often it is handy to have a stock of all the items above. Because you sweat so much during exercise, your clothing must often be washed. It would be a shame if the shorts or the sports shirt are in the wash and you have to play squash in warm long pants and a cotton T-shirt.

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